European Intuitive Consultant

About Marie-Claire

I earned a B.P. (in philosophy and literature) in France. After graduating from the "Conservatoire de Musique et de declamation de Marseille (University of Theatrical Arts of Marseilles)," I performed as a professional actress for several years. And upon my dear father's insistence, I also obtained a degree in Business International (Monaco). As a young adult I moved to Switzerland where I met Mag. Mag became my mentor and spent years helping me develop my intuitive and physic abilities. Mag also introduced me to spirituality and helped me begin my spiritual journey. I changed careers in order to completely devote myself as a serious student of the philosophical, spiritual, psychic, and divinatory arts. I continued my metaphysical studies in various places within Europe. I was selected as the best reader at the ‘Festival of Clairvoyance’ in 1987 in Geneva, Switzerland. I was interviewed on a number of radio shows in Paris and Monaco, where I conducted Tarot readings with callers. I have participated in many clairvoyance conferences in Europe and the United States. In 1997 I was a featured speaker in the International World Tarot Congress in Chicago. I was featured in four television shows in the United States, two on local Atlanta broadcast stations, one on the Weather Channel with nationwide broadcast and one with Voice of America. I am an active writer and contributor to new age publications, having written over 1000 articles and conducted over 150 interviews during the last 15 years. I continue to teach the Tarot and the divinatory arts, while maintaining a thriving business as an intuitive consultant in the Washington DC area, where I live with my husband and our 4-legged child (little dog). My clients include people from all walks of life including soccer moms, doctors, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers, national security officers, teachers, hair stylists, engineers, work-at-home parents, corporate officers, government employees, politicians, celebrities and many others.
I am originally from Marseilles, the second largest city in France and have over 35 years of professional experience in the divinatory arts as a clairvoyant, intuitive consultant and Tarot reader in France, Switzerland, and the United States. The divinatory arts run in my family. My great-grandmother was a very well-known medium just outside of Marseilles, France. It was through my great-grandmother that I was first introduced to Tarot decks, the crystal ball, and the other ‘tools of the trade’. My mother and aunt also have ‘the gift’ but they don’t actively practice with it.