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The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple The Spiritual Tarot is a unique and profound Tarot system accessible to the beginner and master alike. My beautifully illustrated book with full-color deck of the major arcana, reflects the authentic Tarot tradition, which began with universal mysteries, principles, and virtues. The Spiritual Tarot is a unique system that focuses on the 22 cards of the major arcana. These 22 cards call forth the most profound and archetypal ideas that are represented in all the world’s great philosophies and exist in all cultures and all times. The Spiritual Tarot was created with the conscious intent to respect these universal source ideas as they originated in the earliest Tarot. Those ideas are portrayed here through powerful, classical Greek symbolism. The result is a system of Tarot where art, symbolism, and the initiation process all work together. The cards that make up the Spiritual Tarot represent the many situations and ‘rites of passage’ encountered by the spiritual seeker who is on a journey to learn and practice. These 22 cards provide a profound and constructive foundation for posing and answering the many questions that the seeker may have. They serve as tools to help develop intuitive and psychic powers, and spiritual insight. Each of the 22 cards contains a ‘key’ that will help the seeker open the gateways, one at a time, as she/he progresses along the journey. The Spiritual Tarot is a book and set of cards about self-discovery, self-knowledge, and practice.  Some of the practices include meditation and the development of intuition. It is written for all those who wish to begin the journey. In ancient times, initiates of all cults always veiled their knowledge within allegories or graphic symbols that were fairly difficult to understand, thus keeping their meaning secret. Such was the case with the Tarot from its beginning and throughout all of the Middle Ages. The Tarot was a great mystery! Accordingly, I created the Spiritual Tarot with two principles in mind: First: To look for the most universal arid elementary Idea that comes to mind with the symbol. This central idea would be immediately evident, first on a subconscious level, and then arising into the conscious mind. Second: To recognize the principal relationships that sprout from the fundamental idea of the symbol. When there is a web of relationships possible, you can choose those that afford the best connections to the main meaning. I have created a consistent framework for examining and discussing each card. The description of each card contains the following components. Card title and number (These also appear on the card itself.) A one sentence description (Of the central meaning of the card.) A Key for the Card (Three brief phrases that contain essential interpretations that may serve to unlock the card's meaning within your particular circumstances. A graphic symbol of a key appears on each card to remind you of the 'key’ described in the book.) Skills to be Learned (Three brief phrases summarizing central lessons to be learned from the card.) Destiny of the Number (A brief description of the destiny associated with the card's number.) Numerology (A brief description of the numerology associated with the card's number.) A Large Illustration of the Card (Full color illustrations in the electronic version of the book; B/W in the paper-based version.) The General Meaning of the Card The Symbolism of the Card You can purchase my book and cards using the pull-down consultation menu on the Make Appointment page.